Dominica Education Management System Overview

Over the years the ministry of Education and Human Resource Development (MoE&HRD) has collected data from school through the use of paper forms and over the phone. In many instances schools did not submit their data on time or at all, and this led to delays in the production of important reports by the ministry. Some of these delays have actually resulted in the loss of funds from foreign donors who needed the data by a set deadline. Several regional and international reports have had to be published without a profile of Dominica because the data was not available, or was submitted too late.
The need for an Education Management System and a Data Warehouse combined with Business Intelligence reporting to effectively managed and retrieve the required important data need for making life changing decisions for the betterment of our students became very critical and an extremely high priority for the ministry.

Importance of EMIS combined with a Data warehouse
There are a number of direct benefits to be derived from the implementation of an EMIS in the education system. These include:

• Real time feedback on the State of Education in Dominica
• Information can be available by anyone who has rights to access it at anytime anywhere in the world without having to call anyone.
• The provision of focused and timely feedback on students’ performance to direct future learning and identify students who need additional support.
• The ability to track at risk students, develop special programmes for them and track their progress in these programmes.

• The realization of time-savings in performing administrative functions.
• The more accurate assessment/evaluation of operational and teaching staff performances, and consequently, an increase in individual productivity.
• The effective utilization of national educational resources (e.g. workforce balancing, accurate staff projections).
• The quick compilation of the teaching workforce as well as tracking of movement of staff and students.
• Ability to ensure enforce important policies regarding students registration for exams at the end of secondary school

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